Lamb Constructions, in the performance of its activities, seeks to guide itself in the faithful compliance with current laws and regulations, as well as follow and recommends that its activities be always guided by an ethical relationship among all those involved. Also, to ensure that its employees and partners know its guidelines, Lamb Constructions has and follows a Code of Conduct, which establishes policies and guidelines for its business and activities, as well as to avoid, detect and treat any deviations or nonconformities. Download and learn the code of conduct of Lamb Constructions, in the button below:

It was based on the above guidelines, and even more on our values ??and beliefs, that we have built a history of more than 30 years of activities without any detriment to our reputation and image.



Lamb Constructions Ombudsman is a space to record criticisms, complaints, suggestions, compliments and possible complaints about deviations of conduct and / or any facts and / or attitudes of employees and / or suppliers of the company that violate its code of conduct, ethics and other regulations. Messages sent through this tool have no origin identification and will be received exclusively by a commission designated by the company. Messages will always be treated with stealth. Sending CVs, supplier registrations and contacts in general should use specific channels available elsewhere on this site. If you want to identify yourself, fill in the name, email and phone number in the fields below (fill in not required).