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Lamb Constructions provides industrial, corporate and real estate engineering and construction services. It  has great experience in the integration of projects and engineering solutions, minimizing, in this way, possible interface problems between the disciplines that make up an engineering project and thus contributing to the reduction of the total execution time of the project.

It uses advanced tools and methods for the management of projects and works, guided by the concepts and techniques indicated by the Project Management Institute – PMI. LEAN thinking permeates the company and is present from the stage of integration and solution of projects, until the phase of management and construction of the enterprises. In the technical field, Lamb Constructions acts strongly in the rationalization and compatibility of projects, developing “Value Engineering *”.

That is, we always seek the perfect integration of various construction systems and projects, proposing engineering solutions to optimize costs, both for the execution of the work, and for the operation and maintenance of the projects.

*Value Engineering – Process of analyzing a product, project, system or service from the perspective of the functions for which it is intended, stimulating the search for alternatives that fulfill these functions with the lowest costs of investment and operation. It aims to establish a balance of performance, functionality and quality of the project at the lowest cost of operation, construction and maintenance.

Integrated Management

Lamb Constructions also assumes projects with the Integrated Management model, centralizing the integral management function of all processes.

We propose engineering solutions to meet all our clients’ goals, addressing the technical needs of the business with the best cost-to-time ratio, as well as recommending quality management specifications. This model seeks to integrate project managementproduct management and production management, acting in a multidisciplinary way.

Its focus is on Project Management techniques validated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), product management techniques such as the BIM application and techniques recognized by the production engineering to improve the efficiency of its construction sites.

Contracting Models

The contracting models vary according to the activities that will be developed, the stage of the project and the intensity of our involvement with the projects and later in the execution of the work. Several types of contract can be carried out, being the ones of our greater specialty the ones listed below:

Lamb Constructions also assumes projects with the Integrated Management model, centralizing the integral management function of all processes.

We propose engineering solutions to meet all our clients’ goals, addressing the technical needs of the business with the best cost-to-time ratio, as well as recommending quality management specifications.

Design and Build and EPC (Engineering, Purchase, Construction)

In this modality we are responsible for the elaboration of all the integrated engineering projects, developed from the programs of needs defined by the client. In parallel, we begin planning and executing the construction, which includes the management of the entire production chain involved in the project, aiming to meet the expectations assumed regarding the optimization of quality, term and final costs.

We also work in this field of Pre-Construction contracts, in which we are responsible for studying and presenting to the client the best construction techniques and solutions for your project, even before the stage of competition or effective construction.

This ensures, from the beginning of the project, the best performance of it, allowing us to also contribute, in this modality, all our experience and knowledge with an integrated vision of engineering and construction, throughout the life cycle of the project.

The EPC scheme also allows the optimization of the construction deadlines and anticipate the deadline of the projects, giving the possibility of realizing a fast construction, or better known as fast-track construction. In the EPC regime, we pay special attention to the efficiency of buildings and we seek to reduce Total Ownership Cost (TOC) by expanding the analysis of the cost of the building beyond its construction cost, also considering the total cost of the building during its lifetime including maintenance and operating costs.

Global Project or Turn-Key

In this modality, the engineering executive projects of the works are already concluded and the client has already made his choices regarding the methodology and the constructive systems. So, we are responsible for the construction stage, executing the work from the executive projects elaborated and supplied by the client. In this case, we do not act in the design stage. But at the construction stage, we seek all opportunities to improve the performance of the enterprise, aiming to exceed the expectations of term, cost and quality. This is done through the integrated planning of the activities and the critical analysis of the projects. 

Other hiring modalities

Contracts under LUMP-SUM, MAXIMUM GUARANTEED PRICE (MGP), or UNITARY PRICES are also usually carried out by the company and can be a valid option to suit the culture and expectations of the customers.